The confidence of knowledge

Scientific Resources for the Law (SRL) provides research and support services to trial consultants while offering UNL and other graduate students the opportunity to gain applied trial consulting experience. SRL operates as a part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Law-Psychology Program. This relationship enables SRL to provide trial consultants with an array of expertise and experience of the highest quality-- a unique position that distinguishes SRL from other similar research and consulting support services.

SRL is equipped to assist with all aspects of a trial, from the early, pre-trial planning stages through the research and review post-trial stage. Among the services SRL provides:

  • Literature-guided advice with pre-trial litigation strategy
  • Jury selection and voir dire support, including social media research
  • Assistance during mock trials (e.g., from directing and aiding participants to running focus group decision making)
  • Create online surveys for trial consultants to use to assess juror attitudes during mock trials or to gauge attitudes in a jurisdiction (i.e., change of venue and regional attitude surveys)
  • Designing and help conducting post-trial interviews
  • Data analysis of juror surveys or other related research activities

Eve Brank, JD, PhD, serves as the Faculty Supervisor for SRL. The SRL team is comprised of UNL graduate, law, and undergraduate students, faculty members, as well as affiliated researchers from other universities or recent graduates. Learn more about the SRL team and Dr. Brank by visiting our 'About SRL' page. 

Our hourly rates are competitive. To inquire about rates, or to learn more about SRL and how our team can fulfill your support and research needs, visit our 'Contact Us' page or reach out to us at